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BLOWWlympics: The Bradlees Backlot Games
Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
June 29, 2024

In the heart of every athlete beats a cadence of drive—the flame of aspiration.  Now, they gather together to ignite that fire and blaze past human boundaries in the great spirit of competition!  But don’t mention the flame stuff to the fire marshal…



Krystal's Brawl
Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
March 3, 2024

After going broke, BLOWW is searching for a higher power for help! Krystal Ora is ready to align some chakras as BLOWWs fate is in the cards...

As Above, so beLOWW, it's a New Age Rampage!


Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
Oct 22, 2023

BLOWW goes broke! In this smoldering capitalist hellscape, there's nothing scarier than financial insecurity! Come watch the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers try to hold on their prized possessions and keep their very souls from being REPOSSESSsssssed...


Pride & Glory
Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
June 17, 2023

Happy Pride from BLOWW! We're here to celebrate in style with a big belt bonanza: a tournament for the vacant championship title. Who will come out on top and claim the BEAST BELT? Come watch as your favorite BLOWW wrestlers compete to be the last one standing!


Tests of Strength
Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
March 12, 2023

A bell is ringing, but it’s not the ring bell! The BLOWW roster is going back to school for their final exam: prove that pro wrestling can be more than what some “real wrestlers” would have you believe. Join us as we study what it means to be legitimate in a sport that often…isn’t.

HEELRAISER poster copy.png

Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
October 23, 2022

The Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers takes you on a consensual journey to the ol' H-E-double-hockey-stick... 501c3 -> 666x

Come see your favorite wrestlers and myriad performers of all persuasions in amazing feats of violence, burlesque, drag, and circus spectacle!

eventbrite banner.png

Welcome to Pride Corp
Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)
June 12
, 2022

Welcome to PRIDE CORP! Let these rainbows wash your cares away . . .

Come see BLOWW sell out hard, as they struggle to recover from various global and local calamities. Masks & up-to-date vaccinations are strongly encouraged.

Previous Shows

BLOWWLOWEEN IV: Hindsight is 2020

November 01, 2020

a spooky special

Our beloved fans - it is our favorite time of the year, in our least favorite year, to date! Escape the real life fear and dread for one evening, and enter a world of FAN-TASTY, WRESTLING FLAVORED terror, if only for a couple hours. We welcome you to join us on Sunday, November 1st, on our twitch channel for the highly anticipated...

BLOWWLOWEEN IV: Hindsight is 2020

Are we real life wrestling again? No!

Do we have stories to tell anyways? Yes!

We have mastered DnD wrestling simulations in the spring, dominated game show formats in the summer, and this coming spooky season you can expect a unique format once again, that pushes the boundaries of what BLOWW can accomplish, even in the most dystopian and surreal of times.

The courageous athletes of BLOWW will come together to sit around by the campfire at Kamp Krystal Ora, to tell you tales of great victories, losses, friendships formed and enemies thwarted. We will have thrills, chills, horror, hot takes, aerobics, and fond memories of our mythology for you. In true Blowwloween tradition, it will be weird, something you have never seen from us before. It is the show that you didn’t know you needed, and we couldn’t do it without you, our beloved audience.

The twitch chat is about the closest we can get to you these days, so please tune in live and hang out! We have a $10 suggested donation this time, and the money will go into our piggy bank, so we can keep paying our ring storage fees, in the hopes that one glorious day, we can entertain you in the long as the Butcher lets us escape the campfire intact!

But seriously, take care of yourself and be safe this Halloween weekend. Join us for some queer local internet entertainment. Take in a happy show on your Sunday Halloweevening, you deserve to be with your community. See you there!


Sunday 11/01/2020(ugh)

Venmo: @BLOWW


August 15, 2020

a nostalgic virtual gameshow experiment

After-show update (8/26/20): We raised $1,496 and donated $750 to Black Lives Matter Boston and $750 to the Navajo Nation COVID-19 Relief effort.

NEW SHOW ALERT!!!! Are we back to wrestling? Hell no! Does the spirit of competition still surge through our veins? HELL YEAH!

As such, we present to you, our latest experiment in socially distant digital sports entertainment: NickeBLOWWdeon! There's game shows, there's prizes, there's Slime, there's fun and antics of the bygone era of 90's Nick content - but done by your favorite quarantined queer wrestlers. To see how this experimental sports theater plays out, you'll simply have to tune in to our twitch stream on Saturday, August 15, at 8pm! If you have a twitch account, you can chat LIVE with us during the show!

We thank you all so much for making our last fundraising show a HUGE success. Thanks to you, we can pay our taxes and keep our ring tucked away in storage until live events can safely return. Truly, you all saved BLOWW from no longer existing. We cannot thank you enough.

Now, let's take that same Big Fundraising Energy and use it to provide support to groups that need it most right now. We are collecting our ticket sales through GoFundMe again, only this time, we are donating 100% of our ticket sales to BLM and First Nation relief efforts. We will post proof of donation to our social media, a few days after. Suggested donation is 15 dollars - give more if you can, and if you can't give any money right now, consider helping us spread the word. We want to support the organizations that need the most funding, so we will post which specific orgs we are donating to closer to the show date. Let's show the world that BLOWW fans can do a whole lot of good when we open our damn wallets.

We at BLOWW promise to keep the momentum going - we urge you to do the same. Keep going to protests (with a mask on, if able to), keep amplifying marginalized voices, make sure your instagram feed doesn't go "back to normal". Write the emails, make the calls, show up to virtual town meetings, call for the defunding and/or abolition of the prison industrial complex, and our militarized, deadly, racist police force.

BLOWW is a league of fighters. We are going to keep fighting. For equality, for equity - for health, wellness and safety for all. We yearn for a future where everyone feels safe and supported in the squared circle. Working toward that future starts by dismantling the systems that perpetuate inequality, racism, sickness, and poverty beyond the world of wrestling, too.

We are so excited to continue existing and fighting the good fight. Spread the word, and see you there!

Dungeons & Dropkicks

May 17, 2020

a digital wrestling role play adventure

Earlier this year, we secured our dream of having a more permanent studio and training center. Unfortunately, our main revenue we use to pay for our studio is our live shows, which are on hold for the foreseeable future.

We all miss our skin to skin punchies, and while there's no replacing the thrilling action of a live BLOWW wrestling show we are gonna do our darndest to entertain you with DUNGEONS AND DROPKICKS, our very first virtual wrestling RPG fantasy extravaganza!

Your favorite wrestlers will be fully immersed in the wild world of DnD, where Krystal Ora will roll for dexterity to weasel her way out of Shiela's camel clutch, Pammy will use her fanny pack held item to hit her puffer for +2 constitution, or Rat King will pray for low numbers as he attempts to body slam the unshakeable Meathead Marla - all in the virtual realm! Reffing and DMing the madness will be our dear Kyle Coston, long time friend of the league, and of course we'll still be featuring a half time show filled with the other DnDs - Drag and Debauchery - including performances from BLOWWlumni Clara Blows and Leather Pixie, and original music from our own Black Wednesday.

The show will happen on, and while there's no requirement of payment, we do ask that you donate the cost of a ticket, or more if you can, and we will return the favor by providing you with online content in the meantime and a triumphant return to wrestling when it is safe to do so! 100% of donations we receive will go towards paying rent on our studio.

Queer representation in sports is so important. That's why we carved our own path to the squared circle, so we can fight each other on our own terms, creating our own culture, and our own community. We are so deeply grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our fans in the past - it has proven to us that what we are doing is worth doing. Right now, our mission is a little harder to achieve, and requires the support of our entire gay village, to continue existing. Any amount helps, and is a much needed note of encouragement from our community.

You can donate to our GoFundMe here:

Nether Regionals 2020

February 16, 2020

ONCE Somerville | Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

Tickets online here!

Sunday, February 16, 2020: BLOWW’s badass athletes are back to kick ass this lovey dovey Valentine’s Day weekend. We are celebrating the most manufactured capitalistic holiday on the calendar the best way we know how: with wrestling, other drag, our yearly feelsy zine, and a donation to an organization that does good in this world. This year, we are showcasing and donating to Youth on Fire, a drop-in center for homeless and street-involved youth, located in Harvard Square. In addition to an opportunity to donate when you buy your ticket, we will also be donating a portion of our show profits directly. 


We have spent the winter rolling around in our very own wrestling ring, and are ready to show you what empowered queer consensual skin to skin punchies looks like. Prepare to pop for feats of athleticism from the likes of: Becky, Mom, Rat King, Valentine, Shitty Wizard, Cherrill, Susie Newsie, Sheila the Divorce Lawyer, The Sparkle Squad (Queerasaurus Rex and Gemma the Bisexual Unicorn), Punky Bruiser, Calypso Apocalypto, Cassie Nova, and quite possibly, more! 


We are also thrilled to be working with some amazing drag performers this show: Butch Sassidy will be serving us in-ring announcer realness, MT Hart and Zayn-X will be color commentating AND performing, and we will have a very special guest performance from fearless leader of the Slaughterhouse Society, Throb Zombie. Our brethren in violence, the Boston Arm Wrestling Dames (BAWD), will also be dropping in for some friendly competition as well! 


Thank you for supporting us, we are so excited to keep growing, and to have the ability to donate to institutions that are important to our community. We are at a critical growing period for our own organization, and invite you to subscribe to our Patreon (!!!) which launches on 1/12, and will feature exclusive content, and access to our previous matches. Patreon subscribers will receive a special give at our show if you sign up, as a token of our affection. Your support means the world to us, and we wouldn’t be able to have such a rad league without you, our wonderful patrons. 


So, come out! It will be a great time! We will love you and lift you up and be your valentine this year, you can count on it. Three count. That’s a wrestling joke.


October 13, 2019

Season of the Switch

Doors at 7, First Bell at 8 (come early to shop and dance with us!)


At Once Ballroom in Somerville

Tickets here!

$20 for standing room, $30 for a VIP front-row seat and a merch pack

In a month—full of spooky things—there is one Halloween event you won't wanna miss—and it is the third iteration of our weirdest, wildest show of the year, Blowwloween! The following contests are scheduled for THIS fall. Please do not sleep on getting your tickets for:



The athletes at BLOWW have been having a hard time getting any work done lately. Morale is down ever since Becky took over as the owner of BLOWW, and now that the Bradlees Babes are back together, they are being a general obnoxious nuisance, slapping each other with sticky hands, and not doing suuuper great at reintegrating into the year 2019 from the 90's. Also, they smell like mall cheese.


Overthrowing Becky will still take some time, but at least, the Bradlees Babes can be contained. Cassie Nova, space heel from the distant future, set up the babes with a 90's themed wrestling ring holographic program in the spare room, and the rest of the league can get some work done while they tucker themselves out in there.


However, the 90's wrestling program is too much fun to not share with our adoring fans, and 2019 fucking sucks in this timeline anyway, so if you are so inclined, please join us for a 90's-Halloween-wrestling event full of arm drags and uh, regular drag. 




Audience members are encouraged to come dressed as your favorite 90's character, wrestling related or not. There will be a costume contest! With prizes!


We will be doing another DRAG HALFTIME SPECTACULAR with performances from:


Micheal Geary

Complete Destruction

Violencia Exclamation Point

and more TBD!


Wrestling matches? We got those too. We will have athletic feats from talented wrestlers such as:



Rat King

Shitty Wizard

Sheila the Divorce Lawyer

the Bradlees Babes

the Destruct-a-Dykes (Punky Bruiser & Meathead Marla)


Calypso Apocalypto

Susie Newsie


...Becky I guess. 


We have commentating from the Sparkle Squad (Queerasaurus Rex and Gemma the Bisexual Unicorn), reffing from Broox, and tunes from Black Wednesday


We will also have vendors upstairs, so come at doors and try on some fabulous binders from Shapeshifters Inc (who we are SO thrilled to have at our show). 


We have VIP seats if you want a front row ticket to the action. We are also working to try to make our events as accessible as possible. For this event, we will have mostly standing room, but will have a seating section for anyone who wishes to use it as well as wheel chair seating. If you would like to give us a heads up on what we can do to make the show/space more accessible to you, please send us an email at

Summah Stunnah 2019

August 18, 2019

at the Rockwell

This August! Prepare yourself for YET ANOTHER wrestling show, in YET ANOTHER format BLOWW has never done before…..a tournament!

As you may have heard, Becky is the new owner of BLOWW, and she's had enough of the league matching up with each other based on “mutual interest” and “good feelings toward one another”. She would rather see us pinned against each other, fighting for a common objective...for one athlete to be the sole winner of the evening, and earn a shot at challenging Valentine for the BEAST belt at BLOWWLOWEEN III in October. It is going to get competitive in here, folks!

This also may very well be our last BLOWW show wrestling on the mats, so please join us at the historic Rockwell Theater in celebrating the end of a long and storied era, scrappy athlete style.

Where: The Rockwell, 255 Elm St
When: Doors at 7, Show 7:30
Who: BLOWW and friends!
Why: Wrestling is fun!

Valentine will be choosing who-fights-who in the bracket, and we all know she knows how to challenge and control an entire room! We honestly can't wait to see our champion anticipating her challenger, as well as dominating all the "losers" (who are we kidding, if Val makes you her sub, you are also a winner). Everyone gets, or is, a trophy.


Calypso Apocalypto
Gemma the Bisexual Unicorn
MOM The Wrestler
Cassie Nova
Punky Bruiser
Susie Newsie

In addition to the tournament, we are eagerly anticipating Becky popping off, video content, cutting promos, picking fights, and amazing performances from our illustrious guests:

Jessicalee Skary
Barb LaVey
Jayden Jamison KA St James
Black Wednesday

Announcing and color commentating by Ginny Nightshade and Michael D'Angelo!

Also, in case you are new, BLOWW is a grassroots egalitarian wrestling group, where we have agency over our own characters. We work hard to carve out a space in the industry for queer and feminist positive content, and we always punch up. Come join the inclusive and radical as fuck fun!

Bell of the Brawl 2019

May 31, 2019

BLOWW's First Ring Show!

ONCE Ballroom

156 Highland Ave

Somerville, MA 

Doors 8pm | Show 9pm


The Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers is wildly proud to bring to you their very first BIG. RING. SHOW.

You have seen BLOWW sell out bars in JP, you have seen BLOWW sell out every black box show in Somerville. You have seen the members of BLOWW covered in silly string, pumpkin guts, altered on tainted candies, whipped, bloodied, triumphant, and in despair. But you have never seen the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers quite like this.

At ONCE, we will forego our tumbling mats, and attempt to contain ourselves within the bonafide squared circle, that we only previously have ever dreamed of. We have been tirelessly training for this event, and hope to bring you a louder than life experience that continues to uphold our values of inclusion, visibility, and punching up that are fundamental to our promotion.

Featured wrestlers will be: Cassie Nova, Calypso Apocalypto, Cherrill, Pammmmmmmmmmmmy, Queerasaurus Rex, Gemma the Bisexual Unicorn, Mr. Nice Guy, Becky, Sheila, Susie Newsie, Mom, Punky Bruiser, Valentine, Meathead Marla, and Rat King. Black Wednesday will be delivering the beat down beats, and Broox will referee the whole thing.

Meathead Marla will be putting her BLOWW Exceptional Athletic Sportsmanship Title (the BEAST belt) on the line, and at least Cherrill of The Bradlees Babes will be defending the title “BLOWW Undefeated Tag Team Championship” (the BUTT belt). We will see if Pam comes around to claim her spot as the other title holder. There are also other talks of some mysterious project Rat King has been working on, that seem vaguely related to some sort of new title. Mom & Susie duke it out in a Battle of the Blazers, we'll see who really paid attention to their Talbots catalog this season. And Calypso Apocalypto & Cassie Nova recruit their warriors for an epic fight for the future!

In addition to our wrestling roster, we will have drag artists such as: JP Delgado Galdamez, Neon Calypso Lucifer Christmas, Sham Payne, Travis Tí and Jayden Jamison KA St. James strutting their stuff throughout the show. DJ Lunamariposa will be spinning tunes while you pregame, and there will be plenty of queer friendly vendors promoting their hand crafted wares and vintage finds, including High Energy Vintage, Leather Pixie, and more TBA.

Show your support to queer performance artists and athletes (and both!), and come on out to this event. We want this to be a regular thing, and we can’t do it without you, our beloved fans.

We have VIP seats if you want a front row ticket to the action (SOLD OUT!). We are also working to try to make our events as accessible as possible. For this event, we will have mostly standing room, but will have a seating section for anyone who wishes to use it as well as wheel chair seating. If you would like to give us a heads up on what we can do to make the show/space more accessible to you, please send us an email at

You can buy tickets now by following this link:

And check out the Facebook Event Page here!


Nether Regionals

February 17, 2019

Your favorite queer wrestling league is here to show you, love hurts! Well, at least in the ring it does. Outside of the ring, it’s nicer to be tender and supportive. Please join us at the historic Rockwell Theater for our annual February fundraising show, where we fight for causes we care about, instead of championship belts. This year, 100% of ticket profits will go to Network La Red. We will have some new zines, old merch, and video promos that we can’t wait to show you, as well as an announcement you don't want to miss!

Help us punch up! BLOWW is dedicated to providing an inclusive, consent centric approach to the art of pro-wrestling. We want to show you our over the top, out and loud and visible characters at our events, but also provide an opportunity to showcase and support causes that are important to us.


The Card


Special Guests helping us punch the fuck up include: JP Delgado GaldamezEmily RuskowskiFrankie SteinBarb LaVey and Fonda Feeling. We have Comedy, Drag, Circus, Burlesque! We are honored to be sharing the stage with these entertainment champs.

If you haven’t seen us in action before, don’t wait on tickets! We usually sell out, and then you will have to cheer people and boo people at home. 

See you at the show! In the meantime, show us your love by checking out episode 1 of our new cable access tv show, “Bloww Showw”, if you need a little violence to tide you over.

This show is 21+, and is handicap accessible via elevator. VIP front row tickets are available. Doors at 7, first bell at 7:30. No assholes. 

BLOWWSTICE: Days of Darkness

December 21, 2018

Brooxie's Birthday

BLOWW is back with a vengeance! Featuring a rowdy lineup of wrestlers, punk bands, and cake--lots of cake--the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers is ready to throw down in their hometown for the holidays, so don't miss a BEAT!

Special guests include WIMP, Electric Street Queens, and Daughters of the American Revolution - DAR!

The Midway Cafe
3496 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

BLOWWLOWEEN II: Dolls & Dungeons

October 28, 2018

Second Annual Halloween Spooksies


Join BLOWW on a wild ride through the rich and radical inner life of Shitty Wizard...
A little bit dungeon, a little bit dragon,
A handful of fire, some toil and bubble,
Spin-kicks and cauldrons,
And a whole lot of trouble!

BLOWWloween 2018 features your favorite wrestlers back in spooooooky action as we take a wild ride through the rich & radical inner life of Shitty Wizard!

Featuring a creepy, kooky, and altogether ooky lineup of burlesque and drag superstars:

Barb LaVey
Michael Geary
Lucifer Christmas
&& Leather Pixie



Krystal Ora, Susie Newsie, Rat King, Mom, Gretchen Gutwrench, Becky, The Dungeon, Bradlees Babes, Destructa Dykes, and maybe a few more!

Tickets will sell out, so get 'em while they're hot!

Sheer Queer Fest 2018

September 23, 2018

Annual Queer Music Fest Performance

Join us for the second year of SHEER QUEER Fest! Sheer Queer Fest is an annual queer music fest in Boston. We seek to showcase the voices and work of queer folk who create loud, aggressive, experimental, and angry music that challenge racism, transphobia, ableism, classism, xenophobia, misogyny, and other forms of oppression. Funds raised by this fest are used to support our community members and the efforts by activists or organizations to address the issues our intersecting communities face. We hope to build a community centered in radical action to reclaim space in radical/DIY spaces to celebrate all forms of queerness.


This year's fest will be a benefit for SWOP Boston. SWOP-Boston is run by sex workers for sex workers. To work in the sex industry is to be maligned by general society, targeted by the state, and isolated from each other. SWOP-Boston believes that community is the best security, that sex workers are the best positioned to protect ourselves and our work. SWOP-Boston runs community support and harm reduction services as well as participates in activism and advocacy to defend the human rights of sex workers- including fight against white supremacy, male supremacy, transmisogyny, and homophobia. 

Artbeat 2018

July 14, 2018

More like ArtbeatDOWN

ArtBeat is one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals, with over a dozen bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food, and all-age activities.

On Saturday, July 14th Somerville Arts Council shuts down Davis Square for craft vendors, two stages of music, dance in the Somerville Theater, and a host of great interactive performances from 11 am to 10 pm—including BLOWW at 4:30pm!

This year’s ArtBeat theme is “flip” (how fitting!), a celebration of all things upside down, backwards and sideways. Artists and community members will explore how flipping things around can change your point of view. Does flipping things make them better, or worse? How does the idea of flipping things around inform a work of art or concept? “Flip” evokes many things: rapid change; inverting the status quo; changing your mind; flipping a coin; flipping houses; or turning the whole world upside down! Perhaps it’s time to flip a switch or flip a friend—literally or figuratively.

Summah Stunnah

July 29, 2018

B. L. O. W. W. Premier Summer Showdown

Slap on your sunscreen, pull up your beach chairs, fill up your canteen with plenty of H2O and get ready for BLOWW's second annual SUMMAH STUNNAH hosted by Boston's hottest hip hop artist and First Lady of No Muzzle ENT: Brandie Blaze!

BLOWW's Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Dungeon (Valentine & Incogneato AKA Chronic Pain) continue their reign of terror dominating The Destructa Dykes (Meathead Marla & Punky Bruiser), still basking in their recent victory over the Bradlees Babes. Pammmmmmmmmmmmy ventures out on a vision quest to build a new more sequin-filled life and Cherrill has reached the winter of her despair as they grapple and flail their way through this new reality. Can anything bring them back together? Is it best to just move on? What have they been doing since their tragic breakup to numb the pain and bring balance to their wounded souls? Does anyone even care? Can it ever be 1995 again, for any of us?

With performances from Brandie Blaze & live DJing courtesy of Gwen Ever.

The Rockwell |255 Elm Street | Somerville, MA 02144

Doors at 7pm, First Bell at 7:30pm

Tickets online here, $12 in advance, $15 at the door (if there are any!)

On ticket sales: We try to keep ticket prices as low as possible to make seeing great local wrestling and performances as accessible to as many people as we can. That being said, the past three shows at The Rockwell have SOLD OUT. If you are able to, please buy your tickets in advance and spread the word!

Bell of the Ball

April 29, 2018

A Wrestling and Drag Extravaganza

Join B.L.O.W.W. in celebrating their 14th Anniversary as we pit our wrestlers against each other to see who is the best of the best. Who will become the next B.L.O.W.W. Champion? Will the Bradlees Babes be able to defend their title as BLOWW's Undisputed Tag Team? Come find out!

Joining us will be fabulous drag performers who are sure to melt your heart. After each display their talents, we will have them join in the spirit of competition to earn the title of Bell of the Ball.

BLOWW Battles


B.E.A.S.T. Belt - BLOWW Exceptional Athletic Sportsmanship Title

Cassie Nova vs. Meathead Marla

B.U.T.T. Belt - BLOWW Undisputed Tag Team:

The Bradlees Babes vs. THE DUNGEON

Match for Medal of Congeniality:

Mom vs. Beckee 

Qualifying Match:

Gretchen Gutwrench vs. Susie Newsie

Guest Talent:


JP Delgado Galdamez



Sham Payne

Bleu Velvet

KJ Jamison St James

Lucifer Christmas

February 18, 2018

Rockwell | Doors @ 7PM

Come join us for our annual vagina-celebrating Valentine's Day benefit for Planned Parenthood. 

We are back at it again with our second full length theatrical production, VAJAYJAY Day: a celebration of our strong, incredible, inspiring bodies. This is an educational and empowering spectacle, the likes of which has never seen before in the history of sports entertainment.

Where does the fantasy end, and the pervasive reality of fighting for sex and health education begin? Figure it out with us, and if you are lucky, we will take you to suplex city along the way. All proceeds of this event will be donated to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

Special Guests include:
Math the Band featuring Matt Zappa
Rogue Burlesque
Jessicalee Skary
Lolli Hoops
&& more!!

$15 online and at the door. Donate an additional $10 or more to receive a VIP pussy swag pack from BLOWW including a link to download our exclusive video of BLOWWloween I: Kick or Treat as our way of saying thanks.

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