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Black Wednesday

Black Wednesday epitomizes all that is "Art". Said to have been born "with a black turtleneck on" in the outskirts of Bohemia during a performance piece entitled "?!" more than a few years ago, Wednesday seemingly drifted through every scene and happening in the quest for "abstract-post-modern-expressionist-surreal-neopop-decodada-fauvism" with music, preferably if it involves a free buffet before 10. Warhol Factory, the Cockettes, 24 hour Technicolor Dream, Montmatre...nothing seemed to satisfy, that is until a chance encounter with the MIGHTY BLOWW (then just the moderately-durable bloww). Sensing a similarity to Gustav Metzger's "Auto-Destruction" concept, Wednesday has been brooding with BLOWW ever since. Wednesday's favorite beverage is sparkling water with cranberry, and considers the term "beatnik" derogatory

Signature Move: Smack Talk

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