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Rat King


Rat King

Rat King is BLOWW's scrappiest wrestler. Inventor of BLOWW's first weapons match title, Rat king has been an on and off holder of the Trash Belt. Hailing from Rat City, Allston Massachusetts, Rat King is an amalgamation of any and all rats, doing their best to maintain a somewhat passable humanoid form (for your comfort). His favorite activities include skateboarding, taking his pet doobie for a walk, and finding munchies in the local fast food dumpster. In a match for BLOWWloween 2022 Rat King accidentally drank a HEELing potion, turning him evil, and sparking a tag team connection with Millennial Kid, "Dumpster Fire". Since then, he left behind a life of chewing holes through clothes in the back stock of the abandoned Bradlees and playing video games for a life of cult crimes. The Rat Cult emerged at Krystal's Brawl 2024 and quickly recruited Millennial Kid, Bat Bitch, Lump, and many fans. Rat Cult is a lifestyle cult communing on Trash Island, and is a front for an illegal cheese smuggling business. The values of the group include "loyalty, royalty, and spoiled cheese", which is a message that has apparently touched the hearts of many for some reason. Rat King has sent his followers into dangerous situations to steal maggot cheese to resell at high prices. The cheese is not stored properly and comes into contact with many contaminants on trash island; it has gained a reputation for making those who consume it violently ill. We know deep down in that poisoned little heart of his, the old Rat King is still there, but he must be held accountable for his abuses of power and crimes against humanity.


The Rat Trap

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