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What is BLOWW?

Some of our finest moments

The Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers is a radical response to the mainstream world of pro-wrestling. We are a feminist, grassroots organization, where women, non-binary, trans, and questioning peoples can express ourselves, and work together to create an unforgettable spectacle we can all get behind. We are not here for the male gaze, and reject the misogyny, racism, and homophobia rampant in mainstream representations of the art form. We love to kick each other's asses, as much as we love keeping each other lifted up and supported. We want to inspire you by showing you our strength, gusto, and heart. And we always punch up.

Meathead Marla—Bell of the Ball

Beefiest Beasty Bestie

​MEAT! Gettin' prepped for victory.

Susie Newsie Sally Lake Springer Maury Show!

Somerville Media Center Telethon

​Can the Bradlees Babes' biggest fan Rat King get Pammmmmmmmmmmy and Cherrill back together? For the good of us all AND community access television?!

Becky & Mom Tear Up a BLOWW FOODS!

Organic Chaos

A regulah family feud ovah heuh...

Cherrill & Susie Newsie Go to the 90s

We'll Lift You Up Until You Break!

BREAKING NEWS—Cherrill has hit rock bottom and is desperately roving the neighborhoods trying to convince everyone it's 1995. Susie Newsie, a fine upstanding citizen and friend to the downtrodden and voiceless, takes her in for a cup of tea and an exclusive interview.

Susie Newsie interviews Captain Obvious

BLOWW VaJayJay Day 2018

Captain Obvious brings to us what everyone needs to hear about the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers that to us is, well, quite obvious. 

Incogneato Fetches a Cuppa

Incogneato is certainly a mystery, but it's no mystery that half the global population menstruates. So let's stop trying to keep it as incognito as Incogneato and start talking about it. 

BLOWW Exclusive: Susie Newsie Reports

Breaking News! Susie Newsie has obtained exclusive access to the private BLOWW locker room. Check out the juicy details on some of your favorite wrestlers.

Pammmmmmmmmmmmy and Cherrill are on the watch for Halloween!

The Bradlees Babes want the receipts from Meathead Marla and Punky Bruiser!!!!!!!

Mom talks Safety

Mom's here to lay down the line when it comes to safety this Halloween. You DON'T want to find out what will happen if you disappoint her.

Cassie Nova HATES Magic

What will happen when science steps into the ring versus magic?!? Only at a creepy, spooky, Halloween extravaganza like BLOWWloween I: Kick or Treat will you find out! Cassie Nova demands it! 

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More Great Stuff

 We met Ellen of Palehound at our yearly Planned Parenthood fundraiser, where we were all wrestling as genitalia euphemisms. Being asked to work on this music video was a joy. Please enjoy a sneak peak into our process and tenderness, and make sure you check out our buddy's new album, A Place I'll Always Go

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